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Company Information Corporate Outline
Company Name Aoyagi Corporation
President Katsufumi Aoyagi
Paid-in Capital \45 million
Established November 1986
Main Banks THE HOKUETSU BANK,LTD.(Tsubame Branch),
Mizuho Bank Ltd. (Niigata Branch),
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation,
Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ
Number of Employees Male: 50, Female: 43, Total: 93
Subcontract Factories 50, Factories in China : 7
Description of Business
・Manufacture and sale of tableware, livingware and houseware.
Special Features With companies deemed first-rate in the industry in Japan as our customers, 8 salespeople are engaged in providing quality personalized service. Our company possesses numerous houseware patents, utility models, and design registrations, as well as manufacturing plants and subcontract factories. To our factories in China , we bring in planning capability, metal molds and manufacturing technology from Japan , putting us one step ahead of our competitors with an unrivaled integrated system covering all stages from planning, manufacture to sales.
Company History
Upon graduating from Sanjo-Jitsugyo High School in Niigata Prefecture , our current president worked for another company for one year and eight months before resigning to establish himself on his own. Making use of press and welding technology, he embarked on the manufacture of western-style tableware while working as a subcontractor for an exporter.
October 1981 Factory is relocated to Yoshida-machi, Niigata.
August 1988 A 1,500 ㎡ enameling factory is built within the factory site. It is fully equipped with pressing, polishing, plating and painting equipment and integrated processing lines for stainless steel, copper, iron, and aluminum. This provides the system for enacting our company policy: "Plan, Manufacture, and Sell Quality Goods."
August 1993 License agreement concluded with Chinese-cuisine-chef Shuu Tomitoku for tableware, livingware, earthenware and the like.
August 1995 License agreement concluded with super-chef Toshiro Kandagawa for tableware, livingware, earthenware, and lacquerware.
April 1998 Office opened in Shanghai , China . With the partial transfer of metal molds of the company's original products, local production in China begins. Imported goods are sold domestically.
December 2009 The third factory of a plastic carried out the operation start.
Sales/Production Div.
Yoshida-machi Kinzoku Center , 1551-3 Shimonakano, Yoshida, Tsubame-shi, Niigata Prefecture
TEL 0256-92-7111 FAX 0256-92-7117
Lot Area: 6,148m2 Building: 5,490.27m2
The 1st Office
Delivery Center
313 Oseki, Tsubame-shi, Niigata Prefecture
TEL 0256-61-4111 FAX 0256-61-4117
Lot Area: 6,088.28m2 Building: 8,059.20m2
The 2nd Office
2749 Hakusan-cho, Tsubame-shi, Niigata Prefecture
Chinese Branch Office Shanghai City
Access Mapmap
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In-Plant Facilities

No. 1 Press Robot Line
(120t, 80t, 80t, 80t)
1 Unit Multi-purpose Spinning Machine 1 Unit
No. 2 Press Robot Line
(150t, 120t, 80t)
1 Unit Double-axis Cutting Tool 1 Unit
Shirring (Auto- Feeder) 3.2×2060 1 Unit HIMAX Spot Welder
1 Unit
Shirring (Auto- Feeder) 4.5×1280 1 Unit Argon Welder 1 Unit
Vibration Barrel (600 liter) 4 Unit Semi-Auto Caulking Machine 3 Unit
Hydraulic Press 200t  1 Unit
150t  1 Unit
100t  1 Unit
Enameling facility 1 Unit
・Conveyor-type BakingFurnace
1 Unit
・Semi-Auto Drying Furnace
1 Unit
Punching Press 150t  1 Unit Semi-Auto Polishing Machine 3 Unit
Flexion Press 200t  1 Unit 150t Leveller, Uncoiler- Line 1 Unit
Power Press 120t   1 Unit
80t    2 Unit
75t    5 Unit
50t    2 Unit
35t    10 Unit
25t   8 Unit
80t Leveller, Uncoiler- Line 1 Unit

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1551-3 Shimonakano, Yoshida, Tsubame-shi, Niigata Prefecture
TEL: 0256-92-7111
FAX: 0256-92-7117

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